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John Miller

Owner of  “Royalty Dog Care”

Hi,  my name is John Miller. I grew up in Los Angeles and have always loved spending time outdoors with my dogs. When I was a boy, I had two miniature schnauzers named Dandy and Duke. I love playing fetch with the dog’s and taking them on long walks and hikes.  I have always believed that a healthy dog is a happy dog.
It was very easy leaving the corporate world to help others with their family pets.  I look forward to every day when I spend time with my clients’ dogs and feel extremely satisfied knowing I am enriching the lives of many animals and giving their owners piece of mind while they are living their busy lives.
We also enjoy taking care of your feline friends, birds, reptiles and many other family pets.  Everyone on my staff is an animal lover and takes pride in their job of caring for your pets!   We look forward to hearing about you and your loved ones and can’t wait to meet you all! Please feel free to contact us anytime!